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Team Trinity Modified Rotor 12.5 x 25.5mm Ultra Strength Long Torque - Purple

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Modified Rotor 12.5 x 25.5mm Ultra Strength  Long Torque - Purple



  • Neo rare earth magnet rotor
  • Fits: ALL Trinity/Revtech Motors. 
  • Nickel plated
  • 12.5mm x 25.5mm
  • Ultra High Torque
  • Recommended for 1/12, oval racing, and Drag Racing
  • Now Available in Certified Versions!!
Certified Rotors Explained


Certified 5% Rotors:

Certified Rotors are tested and Certified 5% Team Spec,only the best of the batch will be classified as certified. Each and every batch of  Rotors are tested and only the best will be good enough to be sold as "Certified". Each Rotor is tested in a controlled environment, so every rotor is consistent from batch to batch. All Certified Rotors are tested one by one to ensure that the product is at it's highest potential. This is a great option Team Trinity has brought to the racers especially for Drag racing.