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Touring Car Side Wall Glue Trace Kit (58.5mm, 59.5mm Trace Discs & Marker)

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This trace kit is used to consistently mark the sidewall of your front TC tires in preparation for CA Glue application, which is used to help prevent grip rolling on carpet. Tracing the outside of the disk with the included paint marker provides you with a consistent and defined line which serves as a visual boundary while applying CA glue up the sidewall. No more guessing or wasting runs with too little or too much glue on the front sidewall. The 58.5mm disc is the recommended trace for lower grip conditions while the 59.5mm disc is recommended trace for medium to high grip conditions.

Included in the kit is one 58.5mm disc, one 59.5mm disk , one silver paint marker, as well as a fastener to secure the disc to the outside of your tire.