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Trinity 12.5mm High Torque Rotor Turquoise TEP1112

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Trinity 12.5mm High Torque Rotor Turquoise TEP1112

This is an optional 12.5mm High Torque Rotor. The D4 motor line has a complete parts support and tuning system in place to make your D4 the only brushless motor you will ever need. Six rotors are available to tune your motor and car for any track, size, traction, battery pack or weather condition you will come up against.

The D4 rotors are a new material and nickel plated for greater strength and longevity. Both the 12.3 and 12.5mm rotors come in 3 different strengths, one for high rpm, one for a broad power band and one for maximum torque. You will never run into a track where you won’t have that “Monster Horsepower” advantage.


  • 12.5mm
  • High magnet strength
  • Highest torque
  • 7.25mm ROAR spec shaft
  • Turquoise endcap