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Vulcan Clear Bodyfor 235mm Pan Car (Pro-10) PF1566-30

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Vulcan Clear Body

for 235mm Pan Car (Pro-10)





After two years and a bunch of trophies, it was time to update our Swift-235 Pro-10body to take it to the next level, adding new features and extra clearances to fit a wider variety of 1:10 Pan Car chassis.

Our all-new Vulcan Pro-10 body takes some aero inspiration from its larger cousin, the world-championship winning R19. A large center fin was added for increased high-speed stability on larger outdoor tracks, while the sculpted side panels increase side bite. To tune your aero balance, an add-on adjustable gurney flap is included, and recessed areas at the top of the side dams will allow for flush-fitting vertical side dam extensions (not included). Measuring 227mm across the front and 239mm across the rear, the Vulcan’s wide track width and long rear side panels are sure to fit nearly any Pro-10 chassis around the world, while two heights of trim lines are inscribed for different sizes of tires.

The Vulcan is available in light weight .025” and regular weight .030” polycarbonate and comes with protective film, window masks, decal sheet, and gurney flap with mounting hardware.