X4MINI Quattro charger AC/DC GT-X4MINI

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Product Details
Charger X4 MINI GT Power 4 outputs for accus NiMh, NiCd, Li-Ion, LiPo , LiFe, LiHV and Pb with integrated swing, on 12 volts or 240W (4x100w).
With 4 independent circuit, DC Max: 100W x4 / AC Max: 200w Power intelligently allocated between the 4 outputs.
Load, 4 independent circuits
Power: DC 19V-26V / AC: 100-240V
Charge Current: 4x 0.1A - 10A
Charge power: DC: 400W / AC: 200W
Number of elements: NiCD, NiMH up to 8 cells, Li-ion, LiFe, LiPo, Li-HV up to 4s, Lipo-balance incorporated.
Pb 2 to 16v.
Weight: 554g
Dimensions: 137.5x141.5x55.5mm
XT60 charging. Adapter cords to take to detail if needed.