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XSC150P 1/10th Pro ESC

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  • Highly Advanced FET technologies that enhances the overall drivability
  • Algorithm specifically allows for Maximum Advantages throughout the entire power band
  • Extra sleek profile design and Aesthetics
  • Features include:
  • High Output esc design
  • Powerful 8 amp Adjustable Voltage BEC
  • Very many Parameter Adjustments that are Highly Tunable quickly and Hassle Free with separate XSC tuning device
  • Includes Stock and Modified most optimized firmware
  • Very cool running and highly efficient, the included 30mm high speed fan is only necessary under extreme loads
  • Built in power button
  • Stealth all black wiring
  • Blinky mode for stock racing
  • ROAR approved


  • Scale: 1/10
  • Dimensions: 38x36x19(mm) without fan
  • Specification: 150 amp continuous / 900 amp burst current. Input Voltage – 2s / 3s. Motor – 2 pole operation / no turn limit

The esc of choice for Dakotah Phend


  • Roar National Championship Winning esc!
  • Designed with Proven Advantages for top level 1/10 competition