Yeah Racing Stainless Steel 150mm Digital Caliper YT-0144

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SKU: YR-YT-0144

Yeah Racing Stainless Steel 150mm Digital Caliper YT-0144

Yeah Racing's instrument for making accurate measurements on parts of your car where the utmost amount of accuracy is required. Features a stainless steel construction and a unique sliding rail design which minimizes the amount of error during measurements due to next to none play in these calipers. A screw type adjusting nut allows for locking in measurements for left and right comparisons of turnbuckles for ensuring same alignments. Large electronic display and clear etched markings on the tool allows for easy reading of measurements. Comes in a sturdy carrying case for ease of transport and prevent damage to this measuring instrument.

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Max. Measuring length: 150mm
Battery Powered Display Screen

Stainless Steel 150mm Digital Caliper (1 pc)
Battery (2 pcs)
Carrying Case (1 pc)