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Yeah Racing (#YA-0291-MT4) Transmitter Bag For Sanwa MT4/MT-4S/MT-S/MT-44

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SKU: YA-0291-MT44

The transmitter is one of the most important items in RC equipment; it deserves extra care and protection. Yeah Racing Transmitter Bag For Sanwa MT4 / MT-4S/MT44 (#YA-0291-MT4) is designed to offer high level protection to the transmitter. It is made of light weight Nylon materials, designed exclusively for Sanwa MT4 / MT-4. The bags are rigid to prevent it from being crushed.

  • Perfect fit for the transmitter- Sanwa MT4 / MT-4S / MT-S / MT-44
  • Comfortable handle
  • High-quality, light weight materials
  • Durable, rigid material to prevent the bag from being crushed.

Protect your equipment with Yeah Racing’s Transmitter Bag!