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YOKOMO Rookie Speed RS1.0 Assembly Chassis Kit

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If you are new to radio-controlled cars, we recommend the speed category, where
basic operations are easy to learn. The RookieSpeed RS1.0 is based on a
belt-driven 4WD touring car and offers high basic performance and expandability
for high-speed racing.
The machine's greatest feature is its high cornering performance. The double
wishbone suspension, supported by height-adjustable oil dampers, ensures that
the car can keep a firm grip on the road surface. While 4WD drive enhances
stability, differentials on the front and rear axles provide high turning ability,
allowing the driver to trace the desired driving line. The two-belt drive with
equal-length front and rear belts achieves ideal machine balance and produces a
sharp ride in response to the driver's operation.

High quality drivetrain with ball bearings, universal shaft, and sealed gear differential.

Centre motor drive with equal-length belts front and rear, and a well-balanced chassis configuration in all directions.

The suspension is supported by high-precision oil shocks to ensure high-speed cornering.


  • 1/10 scale 4WD touring car
  • Front & Rear equal-length 2-belt drives
  • FRP double-deck chassis
  • Front & Rear universal shafts
  • Front & Rear sealed gear differentials
  • 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension
  • Height-adjustable oil damper
  • Lightweight aluminum differential axles
  • Full ball bearings