Energy Fuel for Pro RC Racers & Pilots

We believe Energy Fuel is the best nitro RC fuel on the market. From sourcing the best raw materials to its formulation and mixing processes, Pepe Group has produced very reliable and consistent fuel products specifically designed to get the most out of your engine. Energy Fuel holds all the characteristics of a racing fuel proving their production process is revolutionary. Their chemistry lab has spent a long time refining the product until perfection was achieved. They’ve produced this product specifically for racing applications and it does not disappoint. The new formula combines the maximum performances and a constant lubrication of the engine. We’re very excited to partner with Pepe Group and supply Energy Fuel to the Australian RC community.

Energy Fuel Australian Drivers & Pilots


Jesse Davis
VIC, Australia
Ranked 1st Australia 1:8 On-Road

Jesse Davis is a multiple time Australian champion, world’s finalist, ANC champion, Nitro World Cup champion and FEMCA champion. Currently ranked 1st in Australia, we’re very excited to see Jesse Davis in partnership with Pepe Group for Jesse’s fuel requirements. We’re looking forward to seeing Jesse’s continued dominance in the 1:8 IC on-road class with Energy Fuel.


Nicholas Salib

VIC, Australia
Ranked 2nd Australia 1:8 On-Road

Nick Salib is one of Australia’s best 1:8 IC on-road racers. In the last few years he has seen great success in his pursuit of competing with the best drivers. Notably, he is currently ranked 2nd in Australia behind Jesse Davis. We’re very excited to see Nick Salib in partnership with Pepe Group for Nick’s fuel requirements. Expected big things from Nick Salib and Energy Fuel!



Jackson Beale

QLD, Australia
2018 IFMAR 1:8 Off-Road Worlds, Junior Finalist

At only 15 years old Jackson is proving a serious competitor at State and National levels. His most notable achievements are the Australia National Titles 2020 placing 3rd (Nitro Truggy) and his career highlight, 2018 IFMAR 1/8 Off-road Worlds, Junior Finalist. Jackson consistently places in the top 3 when competing at State and National events. In partnership with Pepe Group, Jackson will be looked after for his fuel requirements on track. We can’t wait to see how this racer develops in the years to come using the best fuel on the market, Energy Fuel.



Brayden Stanley

NSW, Australia
1:10 On-Road Queensland State Champion

Brayden was only 5-years old when he started driving and has seen success by making the podium at both State and National levels. Brayden is currently the Queensland State Champion proving to be a real force in the 1:10 IC On-Road class. With many more years of racing ahead, Brayden will no doubt continue to develop and mature as a driver, securing more success in his chosen class. In partnership with Pepe Group, Brayden will see his fuel needs met trackside with Energy Fuel, the best fuel on the market.


Hamish Scott
Perth, WA
2018 F3N Australian National Champion

Hamish is one of Australia’s best Helicopter 3D Aerobatic RC pilots. Flying heli’s for over 10-years, he has seen success in Australia and Worldwide. Some of his notable achievements are 2018 F3N Australian National Champion, 2018 F3C Expert National Champion, 2019 Global 3D Netherlands - 7th Expert, 2019 IRCHA Jamboree King of Midnight Sun competitor. In partnership with Pepe Group, Hamish’s Heli’s will be flying on Energy fuel. Keep up the great work Hamish!