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Speedy RC is excited to introduce you to it's new range of fuel products 'Energy Fuels'. 

Despite being a new project, Energy Fuel actually is a product that has already lived a long cycle of pre-production development, therefore it places itself in the highest quality range amongst R/C racing fuels.

The new formula combines maximum performances and a constant lubrication of the engine.

We’ve already seen European racers with great results using Energy Fuel and we’re proud to announce the following Australian sponsored Energy Fuel racers and pilots.

We have three different types of Fuel for your RC applications;

Energy RACE Competition (X)

Color: Fluorescent orange - Formula for maximum competition without compromising the longevity of the engine, in the On road version only, marked with the letters "X". 

Energy Competition (O)

Color: Fluorescent orange for On Road and Red for Off Road - Formula for pure competition marked "O" for the Off Road version.

Energy Competition (H)

Color: Fluorescent orange for Heli applications. Formula for high level competition helicopter flight applications,, marked with the letter "H".


Note: Energy Fuel is classified Dangerous Goods (UN1992 flammable liquid) and must be shipped according to Australia Law.


QLD, Brisbane: If you live in South East Queensland message us for collection details.

VIC, Lilydale Trackside ($5 collection per tin)Speedy RC has invested in shipping Energy fuel to MRCCR Lilydale, VIC by offsetting the Dangerous Goods (DG) and Shipping Fee's for it's customers. Customers pay per tin for the DG offset.

SA, Golden Grove ($5 collection per tin): Speedy RC has invested in shipping Energy fuel to Golden Grove, SA by offsetting the Dangerous Goods (DG) and Shipping Fee's for it's customers. Customers pay per tin for the DG offset.

Purchase online, and display the order confirmation to Nick Salib at Lilydale. South Australian customers will be contacted with collection details. You can collect from these special locations in Shipping area of the checkout.  


Due to the nature of shipping dangerous goods. Fuel shipments incur a $66 Dangerous Goods fee per consignment + shipping costs. We're working with freight companies to keep the costs being prohibitive for customers.

To keep the price of fuel down, order in bulk or get together with some friends and ship your fuel in bulk. Regardless of how many items there are to ship, the consignment fee for dangerous goods is $66 + shipping costs.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We're working with other Hobby stores and RC Clubs to sell Energy Fuel too. If you find shipping costs too prohibitive ask your local hobby store for Energy Fuel. If they don't stock it - tell them to get in touch with Speedy RC.